Taking into account the circumstance that Mellat Bank CJSC carries out activities in banking sector, Mellat Bank CJSC undertakes measures, required for maintaining the integrity (completeness) of information, concerning its customers.

To provide its customers with high quality services and protect them from information threats, in its activity Mellat Bank CJSC applies the latest equipment, technologies and software, developed by the best companies.

To ensure sustainability (continuity) of its activities, Mellat Bank CJSC has set up a backup space (storage) and information systems.

In order to ensure the aforementioned and continuously improve the quality and enhance the safety of the rendered services, Mellat Bank CJSC management has made a decision to apply Information Security Management System in compliance to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 international standard.


The purpose of Information Security Management System is to ensure confidentiality of information concerning Mellat Bank CJSC and including its customers, continuity of its activities and reduce risks of losses by means of prevention of information safety (security) incidents and their potential impacts.

The purpose of information security policy is to protect information (data) assets of Mellat Bank CJSC from all internal, external and deliberate (intentional) threats.


1 - Information security policy ensures:

  • protection of the information against its any unauthorized usage;
  • confidentiality of the information;
  • maintenance of integrity (completeness) of the information;
  • arrangement of information access for business processes;
  • compliance to the statutory (legal) and regulatory requirements;
  • development, maintenance and testing of business continuity plans;
  • Accessibility of the information security training for all employees.

2 - For ensuring implementation of information security policy, necessary procedures are developed and introduced in Mellat Bank CJSC.

3 - Business requirements for accessibility of the information and information systems are ensured.

4 - Manager of Information Safety (Security) Management System shall be responsible for assistance and consultancy at maintaining and applying of information security policy.

5 - All managers of Mellat Bank CJSC shall be directly responsible for implementation of the information security policy and compliance by their staff to the established requirements.

6 - Adherence to the information security policy is mandatory.

This statement has been developed by taking into consideration the information security policy of Mellat Bank CJSC.

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