“Mellat bank” CJSC is guided by the international best practice and main principles of corporate management.

The authorities and obligations of the bank management bodies are clearly separated under the bank charter and other internal legal acts.

The principle of collegiality of making decisions and solution of problems operates in the bank, according to which a number of collegial bodies are operating: Assets and liabilities management committee, Investments committee, Strategy and marketing committee, Loan committee, Transactions performance and supplier selection committee and other target groups.

The works of the bank executive body are estimated by the bank board in accordance with the provisions of the document “Staff management policy” approved by the board.

The transactions between the bank and related parties are regulated by the respective provisions of the documents “Regulation on loaning”, “Regulation on loaning of related parties and employees of “Mellat bank” CJSC”, “Regulation on deposit base and bank account management” and “Tariffs”.

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