The Bank is considered to be leading in the commercial sector between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia, and in financing of various projects in the RA, and in enhancement of such status.



-            Focusing on trade and financial sectors of the two countries;

-            acquiring of daily growing volumes in foreign trade, coupled with the relevant profitability;

-            acquisition of relevant portfolio for legal and commercial entities.



  • Rendering of high quality, effective, specialized, new and wide services for the special trade sector between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia.



Developing of the Bank’s activities both in the internal (mainly in the market of the state bonds and interbank deposits, as well as in mortgage and consumer sector lending) and external (interbank sector) financial market segments.

Bank's strategy is aimed at maintaining the activity volumes and scope at the same level, increasing efficiency of profits against expenditures, increasing accrued revenue and reducing risks (particularly credit, currency and operational) of banking.

Main objectives of the Bank are:

-        sustainable growth, corresponding to the economic situation;

-        acquisition of steady and consistent profit, taking into consideration revenues and risks;

-        meeting of the needs of customers and employees;

  • ensuring of profitability;
  • increasing of the level of total capital;
  • insuring of sustainable activities in assets and liabilities management, as well as improved performance in the markets of the interbank and state bonds, as well as in the mortgage and consumer lending markets in an increasingly competitive environment;
  • purposeful expansion of activities (particularly in commercial and industrial lending sector), optimization and reduction of non-interest expenses, achievement of new market operations and services;
  • improvement of the Bank’s customer service quality, namely reduction of servicing time required for one customer by 20%, reduction of queues as a consequence.

Conservative, stable and consistent policy is adopted by the Bank, which is due to relations of the sole shareholder (“Mellat” Bank of IRI), the board and the body of executive power, manifested in common corporate ideas and principles.

Bank contemplates further development of its activities not only in the quantitative growth of financial highlights, but also focuses more intensively on steadiness of its status, rising of the levels of security (reliability), reputation and liquidity, which is an evidence that Bank attaches importance to and appreciates not only the absolute growth of financial highlights, but also the improvement of the situation related to quality.

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